NewsComarketing? No, branding that does good

Dexterity is an interesting English word that means manual skill. From this word, Dexter Milano was born in 2010, a brand that reconciles craftsmanship and Italian style with a contemporary and cosmopolitan approach.

Dexter Milano is the brainchild of 2 young women who left their brilliant managerial career paths and ventured into jewellery and accessories design. They started their new adventure with the launch of the Time Machine, which has become their icon — a precious gear linked to time and its dualism: dynamic and passes quickly but, at the same time, crystallised in order to make immortals and moments special.

Like, in my opinion, is their way of becoming a brand not necessarily by means of big budgets but rather through great ideas. It is from this idea that their collaborations with select partners, even within the onlus sector, began.

One of the initiatives that greatly impressed me is their joint effort with SOS Villaggi dei Bambini in teaching teenage mothers how to make solidarity bracelets, the proceeds of which are in part donated to the onlus. Another noteworthy initiative is in support of LAV/Lega Antivisezione’s animal rights activities, for whom Dexter Milano created not only the Freedom Bracelets with dolphin figures placed inside the Time Machine but also the Love Me line featuring cats, dogs and animal paws. More recently, Dexter Milano is also working on a limited edition jewellery piece in honor of the historic Giro d’Italia (Tour of Italy bicycle race).

Like is to have the passion, courage and creativity to give up the certain for the uncertain and make a dream come true. Like is to create beauty and solidarity. Like is to imagine a concept and make a world out of it.

Monica Gagliardi