NewsPPRO: Revolutionising Coupon and Promotion Management

Foto copertina english3A platform that makes it easier for consumers to collect points and participate in prize contests, streamlines the process of coupon management for the industry and distribution sector and, above all, generates profit through commission fees for the retailers.

Innovation has always been a precious ally to promotions. Marketing benefits from the use of applications capable of tracking sales with greater detail, profiling consumers more efficiently and simplifying participation mechanics in engagement and loyalty schemes— all for the purpose of improving the level of redemption.

We have recently seen various solutions being launched to handle purchases, maintain relations with buyers and manage discounts and coupons. However, PPRO is a unique platform in that it does not only make it easier for consumers to collect points and participate in prize contests, it also simplifies the process of coupon management for the industry and distribution sector and, most importantly, it generates profit through commission fees for the retailers.

“Our strong points – as explained by Stefano Cacciami, the 28-year-old creator and head of PPRO – are many. They are the results of two solid years of planning, designing and experience gained in the family business, Progress Consultant, which has always been recognised as a market leader in innovation, thanks to promotion campaigns that have made their marks in history.”

PPRO is a system accessible from any device connected to the Internet – smartphone, tablet, or computer. It allows the consumers to manage promotions without the need to cut out, paste and take the coupon to the cash desk or to keep receipts and/or send cards by post.

“With this solution – highlights Stefano Cacciami – we aim to revolutionise the market of sales and marketing activities. Without PPRO, the brand industry that runs a promotion program identifies the product by investing in unique codes to be printed on the packaging and identifies the consumer only once he performs a specific task, such as claiming redeeming the prize. With PPRO, it is the system that matches the unique consumer to the product’s EAN code, all at the moment of purchase.”

The consumer registers only once, through the app or the website, entering his personal and loyalty card data. Upon purchase, he uses any of his identification codes (loyalty card/fiscal/PPRO code) — based on the channel being used — and pays at the cash desk. The system automatically credits loyalty points earned from the purchased products and those from related sector promotions, uploads the discount coupons and even activates product warranties where possible. The consumer then receives constant updates on the status of his participation and exclusive benefits through the app installed on his device.

Member companies of the PPRO network benefit from a highly versatile and simple solution that allows for the limitation of campaign efforts within specific points of sale or targets. The system also offers the possibility of activating promotions on products already on the store shelves — while ensuring maximum security against package tampering and fraud — resulting in considerable time and money savings in package personalisation. On top of that, it lends itself to dynamic promotional offers constructed around individual client needs and flexible time slots. It also makes use of numerous means of communication such as push notification, SMS, e-mail, and traditional media such as flyers, radio, TV and print.

“The system fundamentally makes it possible – according to Cacciami – to provide the right offer at the right moment to the right client. It is aimed at the whole brand industry that may activate, even in real time, tailor-made benefits. The intention behind the choice of the name PPRO, which stands for “Premi e Promozioni” (Prizes and Promotions), is to use a single signature, even if the focus is on the brand. The consumer naturally benefits from a simplified participation mechanism that does not change his user experience and gives him the possibility to take advantage of marketing offers that are secure, quick and free of charge.”

Member retailers also enjoy interesting benefits in that there is a significant reduction in the time required for collecting discount vouchers, eliminating all management costs related to dispatch and collection, without being exposed to any risks of fraud. The system also makes it possible for the retailer to easily and efficiently activate tailor-made promotion campaigns with the brand industry. Lastly, and most importantly, it opens up a new area of business: for every EAN generated from the promotional campaigns, a commission fee is credited to the retailer.

“A revolution – underlines Stefano Cacciami – that opens new and important developments. Thanks to further integration, currently under development, PPRO will be able to offer coupons directly at the points of sale at the moment of purchase, thus incentivising consumers on similar and/or directly related products.”

PPRO, with its ISO 27001 certification, guarantees maximum data protection with the help and collaboration of its technological partner A4 Holding. A4 Holding specialises in the IT and mobile sectors and boasts of top-level facilities and infrastructure which include 9,000 km of fiber optics and 2 data centres (6,500 sqm and 600 sqm).

“PPRO has been operative since last December and in the span of few months has already concluded important agreements and deals – highlights Cacciami – so much so that we have applied for the extension of the Italian patent to over 43 countries. In addition to that, we forecast openings, as early as the beginning of 2016, in France, Spain, Germany, the UK and the US.”


Andrea Demodena

Dopo la frequenza di Economia e commercio in Cattolica, si iscrive a Lettere Moderne, presso l’Università Statale di Milano, laureandosi a pieni voti con una tesi in storia dell’arte contemporanea. Come giornalista ha collaborato con Juliet, Art Show, Tecniche Nuove, Condé Nast, Il Secolo XIX, Il Sole 24Ore. Dal 2000 si occupa di marketing e promozioni. Dal 2014 è direttore di Promotion.